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Nowadays we have a number of online file management systems (e.g. DropBOx, SkyDrive and Google Drive). People can use them to manage different types of documents. However, one might need a system to manage documents when they do not want to publish the company documents to the cloud. In that case, they need to build an online document management system. This project is intended to meet this purpose. However, it is in the early stage. All the functionalities seem working. A lot of work is needed in the UI. Besides this, code needs refactoring.

Key Features:

• User friendly and SIMPLE!
• Ability to limit user access to specific document areas.
• Ability to set user login expiry.
• Ability to upload, delete, rename and download documents
• Support of nested folders.
• An image viewer to preview image documents.
• Documents can be nested and can be grouped up to different levels deep.

• C#
• Jquery
• Entity Framework
• SQL Server Express

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